• Top Sci-fi and action movies set in South Africa

    South Africa is fast becoming a favorite filming location for many Hollywood blockbusters for various reasons, and its popularity is only set to increase in the future. We have identified some of the best and most iconic filming locations around the Rainbow Nation. For starters, South Africa is a vast and diverse country where you […]

  • How to Be Stylish at a Casino

    It is easy to be a bit confused about what one should actually wear to a casino. The movies always show people dressed up extremely formally when they enter the casino, but this doesn’t make a lot of sense in the minds of most people. Why would someone dress as if they were going to […]

  • The Importance of Data Measurement to Gauge Business Performance

    A business is not a solitary entity existing on an island, in the dark but rather a multifarious web of interlinked functions from HR, marketing, production, to sales. Not just that, but looking outside of the business itself, there are competitors, market pressures and greater macro-economic changes led by legislation, national or global politics, and […]

  • Comparing fares just got a whole lot easier

    Remember back in the day, when the only way to book travel was through an actual travel agent? I remember when we used to travel, my dad would liaise with his travel agent friend, and once the trip was confirmed he would receive this giant envelope containing paper tickets in a little cheque book, that […]






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